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Crocodile Industrial Paintbooths set the standard for auto refinish spray booths and aerospace paint booths throughout World.

Indian designed, Indian made, Indian owned. Technically advanced Paint booth systems.

A Crocodile Paintbooth is clean, efficient and made to fully comply with all relevant Standards.

Engineered to meet the safety code requirements for each state and territory, far exceeding exhaust filtration requirements.

The Crocodile range of Paint booths and prep areas are designed to protect those that work within the spray environment, as well as those who work outside it. Full safety interlocks and operator protection is included as standard in our booths.Crocodile Industies have engineered all products to efficiently remove the overspray, provide clean filtered air into the work area (design dependent) and provide operators flexibility, airflow control and constant ventilation for water based coating applications as well as solvent based paints.

Crocodile Paint booth’s clean environment range maintain uniform air flow throughout the work area and ensure the highest quality finish with filtration. Heating is provided with modulation controls, this ensures accurate and consistent spray and bake temperatures inside the cabin.

All our enclosed clean environment range of spray booth products use the same trustworthy principle of downdraft airflow with the choice of exhaust filter locations. Crocodile customers frequently complement our range of booths for creating an environment that allows painters to apply the highest quality automotive finishes with controlled temperature settings and rapid bake cycles to ensure quick turnaround.

A Crocodile Paint booth booth will provide lower operating costs with higher efficiency components and designs that result in lower energy Power consumption. We offer energy efficient components from VFD drives, recirculating exhaust systems, high efficiency motors, low voltage lighting, and heat modulation control packages resulting to lower your cost per product sprayed.

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