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Crocodile Industrial Paintbooths set the standard for auto refinish spray booths and aerospace paint booths throughout World.

Industrial Spray Painting Booths for Truck, Bus and Train applications are designed with high standards and efficient operation in mind.

Crocodile Paint booths can be custom built to suit your workshop configurations with four models available: Full Downdraught, Semi Downdraught, Cross Flow Filtration and Open Faced.

We have an option to suit your custom spraying, heating and baking requirements. Crocodile Positively or Negatively pressurized truck spray booths incorporate fresh air inlet units (pending booth size) which are mounted externally next to the booth. Inlet air is driven by direct drive motor and fan assemblies fully encased on the roof of the spray booth or side mounted. The option of variable speed drive is given.

  • Constructed from 50mm/ 75mm or 100mm insulated panel (depending on booth size and application) a Crocodile Truck booth is the best solution for your large scale spraying needs.
  • Custom Drive through Semi Down Draught Heated Spray Booth
  • 20Meters Long, custom width with unique side mounted machinery
  • Indian industrial Paintbooth first – Drive through Semi Downdraughting

Crocodile has established itself as Indias best custom spray booth manufacturer. Designed to meet your specific needs. Designed and engineered to suit any industrial painting application. Installing Paint Booths India wide, truck spray booths, bus spray booths and Train Spray Booths.

” Crocodile has developed itself as India’s best Paint booth builder, building custom spray booths of any size and application, with such clients as TATA, Dupont, Windstream, Fiat, Bosch India, Kinecokaman, Maruti Suzuki and many others the reputation of Crocodile is growing just as fast as the number of custom Booths they are pushing out”

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