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Crocodile Industrial Paintbooths set the standard for auto refinish spray booths and aerospace paint booths throughout World.

Crocodile Paint booth has developed an intelligent modular range of industrial finishing paint booths that suit all types of businesses, of all levels and sizes – from small bench-style industrial paint booths to large multi-stage finishing systems.These booths are highly adaptable to various circumstances. They can also be custom built, which make them a great choice if workshop space is at a premium.

From dimensions and finish, to temperature control, timing and energy usage, Crocodile Industrial Booth range is completely customizable. The modular design allows you to choose which components you need, with the help of an MN consultant to tailor these to your specific requirements.

Cabins are constructed from galvanized steel panel and are bolted together for easy installation and relocation.

We at Crocodile Paint booths have been in operation for over nine years, and we are truly proud to be a 100% Indian owned and operated company. All of our products and services are provided completely in-house, to give our customers the very highest degree of quality and assurance of satisfaction when they work with us.

Our Hyderabad factory is the source of everything we make, and all of our products are completely compliant with every relevant standard. We are more than happy to talk with you to determine the very best solution for your industrial spraying, grinding and finishing needs – and we have a huge product range of industrial paint booths and related products to meet your needs and requirements.

Panda Spray Booths are engineered and designed by the worlds largest paint booth manufacturer’s, so we can provide the most competitive prices for dollar conscious customers.


  • Semi or full downdraft airflow
  • Quality and robust construction
  • Noise reduction components
  • Optimum illumination
  • Multi filtered air (intake and exhaust)
  • Precise baking temperatures
  • Recirculation or forced air cures
  • Contamination control
  • High quality finishes
  • Quick production
  • Safe and efficient working environment
  • Cutting edge technology

Standard and Custom Design Options:

  • Indoor and Out door types
  • Drive thru or solid back
  • Corner entry units
  • Side entry & Roof top entry
  • Partitioned cabin

*Various combinations of the above listed

This expansive product line includes:

  • Dry Walls
  • Water Walls
  • Pumpless Water Walls
  • Cabinet Makers Booth
  • Dust Control Booths
  • Composite Booths
  • Sanding / Grinding Booths
  • Drying rooms

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