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Crocodile Industrial Paintbooths set the standard for auto refinish spray booths and aerospace paint booths throughout World.

High Quality applications with enclosed and pressurised paintbooths, designed to meet Indian Standards and conditions the standard range of Semi Downdraft and Full Downdraft booths can be customised to meet your individual needs. A range of Automotive Booths, Cabinet making are ready to be installed.

The booth of choice for high end finishing and cost effective product/vehicle throughout is the accelerated cure full downdraught. The Down Draft Paintbooth series has been developed by Crocodile Paint Booths to ensure the most economical and efficient spray booths available on the market today. The Series is synonymous with ensuring the highest quality paint finish and renowned as a spray booth that has the airflow flexibility to suit all applications and also a perfect meeting in the middle of quality and economy at a lower price. Full downdrafts are the best value for money; they are durable, efficient and long lasting system built in India.

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