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Crocodile Industrial Paintbooths set the standard for auto refinish spray booths and automotive paint booths throughout World.

Providing energy efficient and environmentally minded systems, every feature of these spray booths have been engineered to be the best in their class and are fully compliant to all applicable Indian standards.

All of our automotive paint booths and their related systems and products are made right in our Hyderabad factory as part of our 100% Indian owned and operated business. We have been working in this fashion for over nine years, and it’s something that truly separates us form other companies providing spraying and painting solutions.

Crocodile Designed Automotive Booths are available in varied option levels tailored to suit the individual customer’s needs, offering solutions for:


Waterbourne Paint Systems
Energy efficient and economical curing systems that require no compressed air system upgrades and minimal outlay.

Limited Space Workshops
Over booth mountable machinery, Inbuilt pneumatic ramps and drive through designs.

Large volume body shops
Workshop layout plans for booths, paint mix labs and designated body prep stations including any system requirements.


What is set to be a game changer to the market, the Crocodile Paintbooths is a premium quality booth at an ultra-competitive price.

The Crocodile design team have engineered a clever modular system that allows for virtually any configuration and size required. With many features previously considered extras included as standard and optional features for energy efficiency and state of the art waterborne curing.


Key design features as standard include;

Premium Panel (EPS) construction, colour coded uniform finish
True down draught design
Space saving roof mounted machinery (Side and Rear optional at no extra cost)
Energy saving Variable Speed Drives and high efficiency Alloy motors.
Breathable air filters and supply regulators included

Feel free to get in touch with our professional team at or send an email to if you have absolutely any enquiries about our services, or if you’d like to talk to us about our range of automotive paint booths in India.

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Feel free to get in touch with our professional team at or send an email to if you have absolutely any enquiries about our services.

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